How to Choose a Hair Cutter

The Haircut Puzzle

You are a stranger in a small town and desperately needs to get a haircut. There are only two hair cutters in town – located on opposite sides of a street. On one side is Pedro’s Barber Shop and on the other side is Renee’s Hair Salon.

Pedro’s Barber Shop is a mess, and Pedro, the owner of the shop has the worst haircut you have ever seen.

Renee’s Hair Salon on the other hand is neat and clean, and Renee, the owner of the shop has a haircut that looks as good as a movie star’s.

Which hair cutter would you go to for your haircut, and why?

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  1. I will go to Pedro. I think he is a good haircutter because he is so busy with his customers (who must have frequented his shop on a regular basis) that he could no longer take care of his shop and of himself. On the other hand, Renee must have no customers, which account for the fact that his salon is neat and clean. Also, he must have had his haircut done by Pedro. Who knows of a barber who does his own haircut?

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