If I Had My Life To Live Over

In many of the novels we read, or in movies we have watched, there are scenes of dying persons doing a monologue of what they would have wanted to do, if given a few more days to live or a chance to live their lives again.

At this time of the year when we commemorate our dead, I am sharing with you an article that Erma Bombeck wrote before she died. Erma is a columnist and humorist who has influenced millions of readers worldwide. She lost her fight with cancer in April 22,1996.

I hope you will get something out of this article.


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If I Had My Life To Live Over

I would have talked less and listened more.
I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained and the sofa faded.
I would have eaten the popcorn in the "good" living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.
I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.
I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed. I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.
I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains.
I would have cried and laughed less while watching TV – and more while watching life.
I would have shared more of the responsibility carried by my husband.
I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day.
I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.
Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.
When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, "Later. Now go get washed up for dinner."
There would have been more "I love yous"…more "I'm sorrys"…
But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute…look at it and really see it…live it…and never give it back.

– Erma Bombeck


Now, why should we wait for our last days to say all these?  Live a better life now! But, If you were to write your own version of  "If I had my life to live over" what would it be?!


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  1. I do my best to live my life to the fullest…My goal and mission in this life is to do my best in everything I do and stay happy :). so as for me not to have regrets and what ifs on my dying day. I’m glad I learned about this early. 🙂

    ” What you do in PRESENT will redeem the Past and change the future” – from the book ALEPH (Paolo Cohuelo.

  2. I believe I am dying. . . I have yet to see a doctor to confirm this but right now, I don’t feel well. But I also try to do the things I’ve wanted to do. I don’t know if I had enough time to finish them but I am just glad I have started. I am preparing for my last day on earth and to eventually face our Creator.

      1. And if you really don’t feel well, you owe it to our Creator to at least get a very good medical opinion about what is ailing you. You have been given talents and resources to make that possible. Remember the Parable of the Talents? What will you answer when you will be asked the question: You have the talent and the resources to at least get somebody to check what ails you. Why did you not do it my child?

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