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Nic Gabunada Jr.

Hi! I am  Nic Gabunada Jr. and Wednesdays with Nic is my first attempt at maintaining a  website/blog site.

I balance corporate life with the task of nurturing my personal investments as well taking on challenging job of crossing out items in my bucket list.   I list some of these items below (and  have actually crossed out those that I have already done, and italicized those that I still continue to do):

  • driving my kids to school,
  • spending more time with my family,
  • quitting smoking,
  • scanning age-old pictures to digital formats,
  • grow orchids
  • train my dogs to do some tricks
  • produce a movie
  • set up a commercially successful  online/mobile marketing company
  • drive from Manila to Ilocos to Cagayan and back
  • drive from Manila to Davao and back
  • supervise a building project  from architectural plans to the selling/leasing of the unit(s)
  • set up a public library in my hometown
  • learn photography
  • write a blog

On the side, I accept consulting assignments in such fields as mobile marketing, agricultural plantations, audio-visual post production and editing, content productions, real estate, media planning and strategy. I  also do pro-bono work among which are:  helping friends set up their own businesses; setting up a media/broadcast network for  an Archdiocese;  and, doing volunteer work for political  candidate’s campaign.

Through this blog, I want to share the  learnings I gained through the years. I also want to write about my take on things  that caught my attention during the week. And of course, stories that amuses, and puzzles that challenges me!

I invite this blog’s readers to share their  thoughts and comments on the articles posted in this blog site and to also give suggestions on how to improve this site.  They may also upload their own articles. I allocated a separate page of this blog for this purpose.




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