Lunurin mo ang aking kasamaan
Ihampas sa dalampasigan
Ang sama ng aking budhi
Maging malakas ka
Ihatid mo at ilibing
Sa pusod ng dagat
Ang sala ng sanlibutan



a poetry in Filipino written by Nic Gabunada and published in Davao Harvest
An Anthology
edited by
Tita Lacambra Ayala and  Alfredo N. Salanga

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Hello world: My blogsite’s first steps

This is my first attempt at blogging.

My notes indicate the following things I initially planned as blog entries:

  • My take on anything that catches my attention during the week. It could be about people, places, things, and events. It could also include success stories and inspirational tales. My own story and other people’s stories.
  • I may also want to include here some of the own works published and unpublished — literary, my columns in a business daily and a monthly marketing magazine, staff memos during my stint in a think-tank institution, and speeches and lectures I was privileged to deliver to various groups.
  • How about the press articles about me? Good or bad, some of those write-ups have to be put in context.
  • And the notes’ last entry is this:
    • Define your audience. Write to and for them! Be genuine. Provide Value. Build a Culture!

Another set of notes summarizes what were discussed during my meetings with people I consulted before I started setting up this blog:

  1. The domain name: which is what I will  call the website or my blog.  For me, it’s, for the simple reason that by Wednesday of any week  I could have written and uploaded at least one blog entry.
  2. The web host: some servers will have to host my website on the internet so that people can visit it. Funny, but I chose HostGator because it was the first hosting site I read via Google that doesn’t have that many  negative comments about its quality of service. (Of course, this remains to be seen. And I am sure to write about my personal experience via this blog!)
  3. A software that will help the blogsite – something that will allow a non-techie to add, edit and delete pages. I chose WordPress because it appears to be the biggest such service and besides, the HostGator package provided a quick install option in its control panel.

Today, June 28, 2011 I will have started my blogsite. I don’t know where this new hobby will take me. But for sure, I will work first on the appearance, background, themes, menu, etc…  of the pages in my site.

Another exciting beginning for somebody who planned to and succeeded in retiring from being an employee before the age of 50.

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